On this page you can find a selection of recipes.

Flambéed potato pie with Reypenaer VSOP

This is a twist on the Tartiflette, a classic French dish that is particularly popular in wintersports resorts. Cooked slices of potato are arranged in layers and typically combined with bacon, cream and cheese. Naturally the cheese is the distinctive Reypenaer VSOP. Make the dish spectacular by pouring over a generous amount of kirsch and flambéing it at the table. Guests will be impressed and the Reypenaer will form a beautiful gratin topping.

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Reypenaer snaps

How spectacular and delicious can something so simple be? These crisp snaps, known as ‘kletskopjes’ in Dutch, made from 1-year old Reypenaer cheese, are just that! The snaps are ideal as an accompaniment to a drink or aperitif, or as a crisp and savoury element in a starter such as a carpaccio.

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Carpaccio of MRIJ-rund with Reypenaer VSOP

The perfect starter during summer days: Carpaccio of rund with Reypenaer VSOP.

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